Professional Profile

Summary of Skills and Experience

Strong Industrial manufacturing experience with expertise with R&D as a base for over 26 years. Derived many OE approvals for inside/outside India in the auto/rail applications.

As an entrepreneur have worked extensively with different segments of Industry like Sugar / Tanneries / Dairies / Pharmaceutical / Light / Heavy engineering / Light and Heavy chemical / Textile mills / Foundries / Airports / Seaports / Automobile and others all in Indian context.

Have excellent application engineering background mostly with leading Original Equipment Manufacturing design in the automobile/Tractor and rail segments /development /and in their design approval process.

Wide experience with expertise in the Dry and Wet mix techniques for manufacture of composite brake blocks for rail road applications. Handled BBA range K and L block for various applications. In process hands on training with experience and expertise with Japanese/Chinese / Asian/European Automobile manufacturing/quality controls systems.

Have World class product development experience in the brake/clutch friction materials and composites for Auto brake liners/disc pads/clutch facings besides Rail blocks for (Railways).

Played a Key role in Catalysing value strategies to improve process and productivity through innovative use of modern TPM, TQM and Lean manufacturing tools and techniques like six sigma, FMEA, Process flowcharts.

Wide exposure to working in international environment particularly in British /European / Middle East / Chinese /Japanese / South African and Indian environments in the capacity of a Technical Advisor.

Have conceptualized and developed a radiation shield at Kalpakkam Atomic Research Centre successfully reduced energy levels by 70% as part of PhD thesis. Planning one more advanced experiment utility based in the year August 2013 for developing a nuclear radiation shield for fast neutrons if possible in the Kiev region.

Distinction of being honoured as an expert in Friction, Adhesion and wear by a Scientist from Max Planck Research Institute.

Professional Experience

26 years of professional R&D experience predominantly Techno commercial areas contributing to Business Planning and achievement through strategic action plan. Have good experience in cross functional business areas encompassing technical management, Product development, Operational functions with good customer support role.

Several times involved actively in strategic Business Planning and took active part in the implementation as a Senior Management person. Have played key roles in the formulation concepts/frameworks and aided in the implementation with Business unit and corporate level strategy.

From the Business operational strategy point of view while doing business planning as a technical man forecasting areas like technology, facilities/vertical integration, human resources and other strategic areas were given due emphasis to have effective implementation of the planning.

While doing the above at the exploratory level, means of competition such as cost, quality and innovativeness as well as outsourcing, globalization and effects of internet were considered.

Scientific contributions from Indian soil

First experiment using advanced materials - designed Composite materials and developed a radiation shield for fast neutrons in line with the Chernobyl accident in 1986 with 70% reduction and spectral hardening -my PhD thesis work.

Due for second experiment in the year August 2013 at Chernobyl, Russia using advanced research and development, designing for the typical reactor conditions and with good Geometry conditions for use as a shield for the mankind.

Through Industrial Research and development work have had good contributions in designing and development of Friction material composite for Automobile and Rail Applications- An application engineering research work.

Friction material design and development work done for Indian Automobile applications-Author's contribution to Indian soil.

  • 1. Tata Heavy commercial trucks - Non asbestos (S cam brake - drum brake liner)
  • 2. Tata Light commercial vehicles - Disc pads (front brake)/Brake liners (Rear brake)
  • 3. Tata passenger car vehicles - Disc pads for Indica /Indigo (front brake)
  • 4. Maruthi passenger car models - Disc pads for Esteem/small car 800 cc /Wagon R.
  • 5. Hyundai passenger car models - Disc pads for Santro/Accent models (front brake)
  • 6. Ford India passenger car model - Disc pads for Icon (front brake)
  • Brake friction material design work done through Research and development for vehicles abroad.
  • a. Designed brake pads for Toyota Camry and other models for a unit in Malaysia called DJ Auto.
  • b. Designed for Mercedes Benz C Class of vehicles for Daimler Chrysler.
  • c. Designed racer brake pads for Santoro Brakes, South America.
  • d. Designed for Volkswagon Passat Model for China.
  • e. Isuzu KB model - Disc pads design evolved for Global operating range of trucks. Complete design and development work with brake friction material composite was developed from South Africa.
  • f. . Volkswagon Jetta/Polo - Disc pad design evolved for Global range of cars. Complete design and development of friction material composite through R&D efforts was done from South Africa.
  • g. General Motors - Opel Corsa ( Disc pads)
  • h. Toyota - Corolla taxi - evolved a design for Global range of vehicles Complete design and development work was done through R&D efforts from South Africa.
  • i. Ford - Bantham Disc pad design evolved for Global range of cars Complete design and development of friction material composite through R&D efforts was done from South Africa.
  • Author's contributions to Indian rail brake friction applications

    Composite Brake blocks for Indian Rail road design.

    Complete design and development of new high performing design and development work was done for Indian Railway applications like

  • a. Freight stock / Wagon
  • b. Bogie mounted mainline coaches
  • c. Coaches
  • d. Diesel and electric locomotives
  • e. E M U local units
  • Author's design and development work done for Rail brake friction composite materials design for Europe and South Africa

    Composite Brake block design for European Rail road braking applications:

    Two designs were done for European rail road design requirements and has passed the preliminary level of implementation in the Research and development / manufacturing and currently dynamometer testing underway in the lab. Due for final testing and clearance for European rail road applications. Currently through research effort designing a Composite brake blocks for South African rail road applications.

    Technical Projects Guided
  • - A Master of Technology (M Tech),
  • - 3 Bachelor of Engineering (B.E Mechanical engineering)
  • - One Master of Science M.Sc project in the area of polymers physics and composite materials.
  • - Part of the thesis evaluation was done on a space research thesis work for a Ph. D for a Candidate working with Space research in the area of Adhesives.